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Rodrigo's solidarity caps

We will soon launch a campaign to collect plastic caps to help Rodrigo, a 5 year old child of Palma who has a rare disease, Sandhoff. It is genetic and degenerative, and it affects the nervous system which is manifested in speech and motor system disorders and blindness, basically.


There are only about 30 cases in the world, and his may be the only one in our country. But there is hope of a possible cure because Professor Cox of the University of Cambridge is carrying out a project seeking to develop a cure for this disease. This research is promoted by private funds and here is where we can all participate collecting plastic caps!

Every day we throw many in our homes and if they serve Rodrigo, why not help? Moreover, not only serve the covers of water or milk, there are many more!

In tetrabricks, also serves the plastic top glued to the cardboard.
In oil plugs or sauces, also serves the plastic top stuck to the bottle.
In spray guns, also serves the tube.
The plastic roll-on deodorants.
Tops of masks and creams are also good, and if the packaging is made of the same plastic, this is good too.
Tops of wet wipes.
Plastic lens holders.
Pritt glue, the whole tube serves.
Pens and markers caps.
Tipp-ex cap, removing the brush.
The yellow wrapper toys in Kinder eggs.
Nozzles of spray products.
And all caps you can think of! As long as they are plastic caps and do not belong to a toxic product.

In a few days you’ll find a box in reception where you can put all your caps collected, so in the meantime you can start saving them!

For each ton of these caps are collected between 150 and 200 euros. Do you understand why it is so important to your collaboration?

Rodrigo and his parents will thank us! 

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  • Rodrigo's solidarity caps
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