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STP Shipyard Palma, the only shipyard in the world with a ditigal radio system

For STP Shipyard Palma innovation and technology services are a priority to provide the level of service that clients require. In this sense not only they offer machines with the latest technology, but recently it has launched an intelligent digital radio which places the shipyard as a pioneer in the sector, since so far, no other shipyard in the world has it.

The intelligent radio system offers a unique solution, according to the new legislation requiring shipyards and yachts migrate to the DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) which provides full coverage. With a personalized, specially coded software, it has a system that has a visual interface and is installed on different devices. The software allows to assign tasks to any worker, who can also answer and mark these tasks as done via the supplied device. This system allows to focus on tracking powered forklifts and cranes, as well as improve safety through emergency channels and panic buttons. Thus time and mobility are improved, assuming cost savings.

This change has been prompted by the recent enlargement of the shipyard area, where full coverage was not reached and there was a very high interference depending on the weather increased level. Furthermore, the size and weight of devices made it uncomfortable to handle. Joan Rosselló, manager of STP Shipyard Palma says that "the new digital radio system offers numerous advantages, the most important clarity in communication and the possibility that each sector has its own channel. In addition, users can receive calls or text messages. Each radio has an emergency button that if necessary it is possible to transmit all the channels at once by general emergency channel." It might be added as a bonus, that when communicating with other receivers, you only have to release the button when finished speaking without giving way to the partner with the traditional "change."

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  • STP Shipyard Palma, the only shipyard in the world with a ditigal radio system
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