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Gastronomic – environmental event at Marina Palma Cuarentena

Marina Palma Cuarentena offered a party for clients and Friends who could enjoy two exquisite giant paellas, mixed and vegetarian, on a sunny autumn afternoon. This party was a great reason to bring together owners and crews of the boats moored at the marina. During this event, the marina staff took the opportunity to inform about the care of the environment with particular emphasis on the importance of recycling on board and care for the sea and the ocean.

The marina staff shared very interesting brochures with all attendees with information on the sea grass as the Ocean’s lung, and fun facts about dolphins, this very friendly company often seen in our waters when sailing around the Mediterranean, and therefore we must take care to keep them wanting to live around.

Marina Palma Cuarentena considers that ecological awareness is an important aspect to take care of and considers these activities a key factor to promote good habits among all clients, as well as promoting the care of the sea and the environment in general. This is one of the reasons why the marina holds awards such as the Blue Flag, EMAS, ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

With this purpose, the management and environmental department performs regular monitoring and internal control regarding the consumption of electricity, fuel, paper, water, emissions as well as discharges, waste management, and the impact generated in the environment. From these data, objectives and targets are created to reduce them and also results are evaluated trying to improve the environmental sustainability of the facilities.

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  • Gastronomic – environmental event at Marina Palma Cuarentena
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