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Children take Marina Port de Mallorca to enjoy a fun day

Once again, Marina Port de Mallorca opened in the fun and entertainment of the Little ones of the marina with a playful day. For this, the marina organized several workshops to not only have a good time at the port but also learn new things about the marine life and the environment.

One of the numerous workshops consisted in the creation of crafts where they built their own wind vane and learned basic concpts about the wind and their names. In the environmental workshop they could replant the orchard already created the previous year. In addition, the marina Captain, Oscar Fernandez, taught live some species that can be found in the depths of the Mediterranean and cannot be easly seen such as the Mochina, or the Little black fish, Gató and also the famous Mort no fisherman wants because it brings bad luck. After the fish exposure, in which children could participate touching the different textures of each species, and very inspired by them, participated in a painting competition as a key to access a draw, and they could also enjoy views of Palma’s Harbour aboard the llaüt Jaume, one of the oldest in Mallorca, owned by Marina Port de Mallorca.

To recover strength after so many activities, the marina prepared hot dogs, and to round off the day made a draft of an mp3, and a fishing game for the little ones, although everyone received a cup of " Marina Port de Mallorca’s Grummet".

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  • Children take Marina Port de Mallorca to enjoy a fun day
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