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Flying over STP Shipyard Palma in high season at 100% occupancy

STP Shipyard Palma began its high season in october with the arrival of the yachts that previously made their reservations to perform maintenance and refit works after a few intense months of sailing during summer season.

Foresight until the end of the season is extraordinary in view of the movement that actually exists in the yard. "It is expected even more activity than in 2015, a year that was already unbeatable," comments Joan Rosselló, Manager of STP. This is due to a number of factors that come together in a unique way such as the location, equipment and safety facilities, proximity to the airport, the quality of services and companies in this technical area, also the professionalism of STP’s team, and above all, the freedom that the owners or captains have to work with the contractors they wish. This makes STP Shipyard Palma to be considered by many captains and industry professionals as the most important shipyard in Europe.

To give some overall figures, more than 1.200 vessels are repaired annually at the yard, and 150 of them can stay at the same time being repaired.

The 5 travelifts available (700TN, 200TN, 150TN, 100Tn, 30TN) sum a total of 1.500 movements per year.

The 105.000m2 of technical área allow to receive yachts from the minimum length up to 120 meters.

There are more than 450 specialized companies working in the facilities and about 1.500 people Access daily in STP to do their jobs on the yachts.

70% of customers repeat every year on the yard so the loyalty rate is one of the highest in this type of facilities.

But to highlight a key aspect, what really makes STP Shipyard Palma unique in the sector and so in demand by customers is the flexibility in all aspects. 

Flexibility for the freedom to choose the contractors to carry out the maintenance and refit of each vessel. Flexibility and understanding regarding the changes in the stay on yachts because in most cases a refit takes longer than anticipated and the STP team does its utmost to reorganize the technical area and do not forcé the vessel to leave the premises before the end of its work.

This is a highly valued policy among customers that among other reasons, repeat their stay every year. And the best proof is that at this time of the year, there are more than 35% of reservations made for next season without being finished the actual one. The waiting list for this year was long, even though they tried to give space to all requests. In words of Joan Rosselló, Manager of STP – “STP tries to receive all yachts seeking for space whether it is a small of great lenght, a large refit or simple maintenance works from luxury yachts to fishing vessels. With great effort, we found the way and dates to fit them all, and if we lack room for any great length request, we request authorizations for more space for temporary occupation (AOT) to the Balearic Islands Ports Authority, so nobody is left unable to do their refit or maintenance Works with us.

The fuel station located in the premises of the shipyard ends to complete the services offered with 6 pumps diésel supply up to 300L/minute in 100 meters berthing and extended hours from Monday to Sunday from 8am to 5pm.

If you wish to join us in a 360º tour along this technical área click on the following link:

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  • Flying over STP Shipyard Palma in high season at 100% occupancy
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