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The Blue Flag is still waving in Marina Ibiza

In this year in which the rigorous quality control of the facilities has been crucial to the granting of this accreditation, the Blue Flag will continue waving in Marina Ibiza’s A dock. The marina is one of the two facilities in the island that has this award, and all this, thanks to the efforts and constant work of all the staff to maintain the highest level of quality in its facilities and environmental measures. The requirements, increasing every year, have been the reason why this luxury marina has been awarded with the Blue Flag renewed since 2011, thanks to maintaining its standards of cleanliness of water in the port, and also with an information and awareness programme aimed at all customers. The quality of the facilities and these other aspects are evaluated annually by ADEAC.

Daniel Marí, manager of Marina Ibiza notes that "the environment is an issue always latent for Marina Ibiza. We are fully aware of the importance of our environment especially in high season, in which all boaters who visit our waters should be responsible for not littering the sea. We hand over information to our clients with environmental tips for boat navigation as well as the responsible use of resources, and this information is also available in the new section of environment that we have launched in our website, with the intention of reaching as many people as possible. As always we continue thinking about how to promote the care for the environment to our customers."

The Blue Flag will remain in the hammer of the A dock next to the Blue Star Marina flag, an international certification granted by IMCI which ranks Marina Ibiza as a 5 star worldwide marina, and also verifies and demands standards relating to the environment. The marina also holds the EMAS certificate issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Territory by voluntary participation in environmental management and audit.

Marina Ibiza will share all its environmental activities with its followers in its social media.

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  • The Blue Flag is still waving in Marina Ibiza
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