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The standard of customer service in STP Shipyard rises to the maximum level

One of the priorities of STP Shipyard Palma is to meet and if posible exceed the needs and expectations of its customers, however complicated they may be. The shipyard pursues  efficiency and professionalism in each work they carry out, but also seeks flexibility and cost savings for customers whenever possible.

A recent example was the transfer of a 52 m sailing boat by travelift from the water to its hardstanding position within the Shipyard. Uniquely, this was carried out without removing the protection tenting and scaffolding from the yacht whilst it is undergoing maintenance to her interior.

Due to the scheduling of maintenance of the boat, and to the schedule of the shipyard, this time the vessel had to be hoisted along with the scaffolding and its tenting totaling more than 600 tons. This manoeuvre meant a significant saving in costs and time, as dismantling the scaffolding and cover, moving the yacht and reassembling the entire structure would have been a major drawback in the refit budget and its programming.

All maintenance works being carried out on this vessel since October, will be completed  in a few more weeks, in order to have it ready for the  start of  the season.

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  • The standard of customer service in  STP Shipyard rises to the maximum level
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