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Marina Ibiza performs a new drill in case of emergency

One of Marina Ibiza's priorities is to offer safety to all customers during their stay, as well as to the workers themselves during the exercise of their work. For this reason, Marina Ibiza organises regularly courses to implement the plan of self-protection and emergencies. 

The main objective of this program was to check the response capacity of the staff in an eventual emergency, as well as to verify how the channels of communication between the affected parties and the staff work. There are many factors that can cause an emergency situation to be successfully controlled, or that lead to a more chaotic situation, and to avoid this possibility, another objective of this important course was to analyze the organizational capacity and action of all the components, as well as to evaluate the action in case of fire, in addition  to check the state of the self-protection systems.

The course, which lasted a day, was attended by all the staff of Marina Ibiza as well as the surveillance service, who received a theoretical explanation supported by videos of emergencies in other marinas, with the intention to motivate the debate and to remember the intervention protocol, as well as risk factors to take into account. This theoretical training also counted on a fire drill and the explanation of manoeuvres of CPR and handling of oxidoc and tube Guedel.

The practices carried out during this complete course have been diverse: exercises with fire extinguishers, motor pumps and hoses, coordination exercises to find a person disoriented, manoeuvre  to tow a boat with smoke inside, fire drill and man overboard.

Marina Ibiza thanks the external collaboration of Consell d'Eivissa Firefighters and the Port Police in order to carry out the practical exercises, especially the fire drill.

This course has served to refresh knowledge and protocols of action, which in case of emergency are fundamental, and has been carried out satisfactorily.


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  • Marina Ibiza performs a new drill in case of emergency
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