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Classics choose Varadero Valencia

The presence of classic Yachts who choose Varadero Valencia’s facilities to carry out their refit and maintenance works is increasing year on year.  Thanks to the production team and the industrial specialists working in the dry dock, it can be said that it is the ideal place to repair these fantastic yachts, which are considered real jewels of the sea.

Of course, wood is the star of the works performed in this type of yachts, and the shipyard has highly skilled artisans in polishing and varnishing. Each yacht is a challenge, and the quality and care with which each project is treated is impressive. Varadero Valencia’s team aims to offer the highest level of service and quality in each work, but when it is a classic, it seems that is also repairing the soul of a veteran of the sea and this makes it special.

One of the most iconic yachts that visited the shipyard was a schooner from 1929 who undertook a refit of three months focussing on interior improvements in the cabins, and a completely galley and bathroom work. During this time the carpenters, electricians, metalworkers and painters, coordinated by Rafael Carrió, Project Manager of Varadero Valencia, performed their work in perfect timing and the excellent results were appreciated by the owner and the captain inviting him to sail with them in an exciting race of classics.

According to Carrió, "receiving these classic yachts in the shipyard is always an honor and a privilege. We appreciate the trust placed in our team that always gives its best to achieve excellent results and offer a pleasant experience to the captains and owners. We want every customer who leaves their Yacht in our hands to be satisfied with us."

On the other hand, Santiago Donat, manager of Varadero Valencia affirms that " The shipyard has made important collaboration agreements with specialist companies in the sector in order to offer the best result in each work. The objective is to be a reference dry dock and offer excellent services."

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  • Classics choose Varadero Valencia
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