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Marina Port de Mallorca renews its animal protection agreement with the Palma Aquarium Foundation

It was a year ago that Marina Port de Mallorca began a beneficial collaboration with the Palma Aquarium Foundation, and thanks to this agreement it has been carried out a programme of measures to protect the marine fauna and sea turtles in particular, one of the most vulnerable species and in serious danger of extinction.

Since then, a special container has been available at the marina for animals in need of assistance. Once they are collected in this container, turtles are transferred to the Palma Aquarium Foundation to be attended and treated by veterinarians and biologists, and then released after recovery. All this protocol is carried out in the Marine Fauna Recovery Centre which is also located in the Palma Aquarium. This, in turn, is a service managed by the Consortium for the Recovery of Fauna of the Balearic Islands, better known as COFIB, a body of the Conselleria de Medioambiente, Agricultura y Pesca.

Patrick Reynés, manager of Marina Port de Mallorca comments he is "deeply convinced that this type of actions are very necessary to raise awareness and specially to educate the public about how to act in case of finding a turtle or any marine species that needs help. These creatures are endearing, everyone likes them, and with the emotion and interest in helping them, they can do a lot of harm when it comes to helping if you don't know how to act.’’

This collaboration of Marina Port de Mallorca with the Palma Aquarium Foundation starts from the first contact with its customers on arrival at the port. With an attractive welcome pack, they are given information about good sailing practices, about the vital importance of caring for and protecting these animals as well as some steps to take in the event of finding a turtle in distress.

But, furthermore, being aware that the care of the environment is essential because it is the habitat of the fauna that wants to be protected, and that waste and plastic spilled into the sea are being the great threat and danger to these species, the marina promotes various measures and recommendations for the environmental care that help to make their customers aware of the importance of these actions to achieve the objective.

To follow all the activities that Marina Port de Mallorca promotes in favour of the environment, visit its website or social networks.

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  • Marina Port de Mallorca renews its animal protection agreement with the Palma Aquarium Foundation
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