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Marina Ibiza goes to the rescue of endangered sea turtles

One of the main values of Marina Ibiza is its policy for the preservation of the environment and its interest in carrying out numerous actions focused on the dissemination of good practices and take care of the native flora and fauna of Ibiza and Formentera.


For this reason, and as part of the activities planned for this year it has signed a collaboration agreement with the Palma Aquarium Foundation with the main mission of protecting the marine species that inhabit the islands.

The agreement of Marina Ibiza and the Palma Aquarium Foundation aims to disseminate information and education so that yachtsmen are increasingly aware of the need to take care of the environment.

As part of this collaboration program, Marina Ibiza will provide a special large tank for the collection and urgent transfer of marine species that may be in distress. Once rescued and deposited in the marina, these animals will be collected, cared for and recovered at the Marina Fauna Recovery Center of Palma Aquarium, a service managed by the Consortium for the Recovery of Fauna of the Balearic Islands (COFIB), belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Territory.

The best example is sea turtles, a species in danger of extinction, which, because of plastics and floating debris in the water, are usually trapped or immobilized until exhaustion. It also suffers the consequences of accidental fishing or the ingestion of plastics or other harmful materials and, for this reason, Palma Aquarium Foundation promotes environmental education and publicises the risks that these small inhabitants run in our waters, action to which Marina Ibiza wanted to do their bit. Daniel Marí, manager of the marina comments “for us and for me personally, these actions have great value. Our commitment to this type of initiative is absolute and we are always going to be involved within our possibilities. Everything that is done to protect our environment is not enough and we’ll always be there to do our bit”.

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  • Marina Ibiza goes to the rescue of endangered sea turtles
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