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Marina Port de Mallorca cleans its seabed to help the environment

Every year, Marina Port de Mallorca has cleaned the seabed of its marina to help clean and care for the environment.

During one day, the team of divers was working under the waters of the port, removing all the objects which have accumulated during the year which have been thrown into the sea. Many of these objects can be a threat to the marine biodiversity. This excercise also helps to make the water as clear and clean as possible.

As it happens each time we have a cleaning of the seabed, the marine, the objects found by the divers are an amazing mixtureitems, including shopping trolleys, bags, bottles and even a motorcycle.

The marina cleans its waters every year to minimize the impact of waste thrown into the sea and is concerned with disseminating the results of this activity with the aim of raising awareness of how harmful it is to the environment. Marina Port de Mallorca tries to educate its clients of the negative impact for the ecosystem that this bad practice has on the seabed. It results in the contamination of the water and the alteration of the marine flora and fauna habitat.

The procedure followed by the divers during the cleaning of the seabed of the marina, was to make a first dive to point out each object spotted on the seabed and make a second dive with the help of the ground equipment for its subsequent extraction. All the objects were collected in a tank and transported to a recycling plant.

Taking advantage of the occasion, Marina Port de Mallorca organized a barbecue for its customers in the marina and in this way to publicise the cleaning work done on the seabed by the team of divers and the marina staff. The barbecue was a success, where guests could enjoy a nice evening with friends and staff.

Marina Port de Mallorca considers it very important to raise awareness about the environment, and in pursuing this objective, the marina carries out several actions each year such as the collection of waste in the seabed, the use of ecological products for cleaning its facilities, the delivery of free recycling bags to its clients or the dissemination of informative posters of good practices during navigation  around the marina, and much more.

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  • Marina Port de Mallorca cleans its seabed to help the environment
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