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Successful start-up of the new travelift in STP Shipyard Palma

Last week saw the arrival and beginning of the assembly works of the new 1000 ton travelift that STP Shipyard Palma will commission at the end of summer 2018. In the coming days a total of 24 trucks will be used to offload the sections in STP Shipyard Palma, all of which originate from Carmignano di Brenta in Italy, and are accompanied by a team of specialists from the factory who will oversee the assembly and commissioning of the new lift.

The new travelift will be the largest of its kind in Europe both in lifting capacity and dimensions. The lift measures in at 26 mts long, 12,5 mts wide and 25 metres high with a lifting capacity of a 1000 tons. STP will now have the capacity to lift motor yachts of up to 57 metres in length and sailboats of up to 67 metres LOA, with a maximum beam of 12 metres for both. For certain yachts this has the added advantage of not having to remove their stays when being hauled out. 

The new lift operates 32 hydraulically powered wheels being powered off two 286 Hp Volvo engines and controlled by state of the art electronics. It will carry 32 slings in 8 hoists (4 per side) in a 1 fixed and 3 mobile arrangement.

To top off the new state of the art Travel Lift the Volvo engines meet the new EPA legislative demands covering emissions thanks to their SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology and lightweight exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system.

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  • Successful start-up of the new travelift in STP Shipyard Palma
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