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The school vessel Cervantes Saavedra in Marina Palma Cuarentena

Marina Palma Cuarentena has been chosen for the strategic stop in the Balearic Islands of the Cervantes Saavedra school vessel. The schooner arrived at Marina Palma Cuarentena from a training course to receive the next students who will embark on this adventure.

The Cervantes Saavedra was built in Sweden in 1934 to serve as a floating lighthouse. Its imposing and robust design comes from the need of a boat that could face the adversities of the sea in locations where a lighthouse is needed.

In 1977 it was acquired by a private individual with the intention of turning it into a recreational sailboat. And finally, in 1981 the old lighthouse was launched as a colourful three-masted brigantine schooner. But it wasn’t until 2007 that Felipe Segovia Olmo, the founder of the SEK school, acquired it to become an training ship.

At present, the schooner, owned by the Camilo José Cela University, receives students from schools and universities from different parts of the world as part of its educational training program or to carry out research programs. Students receive training in marine navigation besides learning values such as teamwork, collaboration, discipline, order, companionship, respect for others and towards the environment and safety, such important values at sea.

Something the Cervatnes is famous for, is having taken part in the production of the Antena 3 series “El Barco”. In that series,it took the name of Estrella Polar and passed the casting among 20 similar boats, including Juan Sebastián el Cano.

The Cervantes is 48,50 meters long, the draft of the boat is 4.4 meters and the beam is 7.8 meters, being able to accommodate a total of 32 passengers plus 11 crew on board.

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  • The school vessel Cervantes Saavedra in Marina Palma Cuarentena
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