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Marina Port de Mallorca welcomes Energy Observer in support of its expedition to combat climate change

Moored next to the Reception, these days it has been possible to see in Marina Port de Mallorca the striking Energy Observer, a catamaran of 30 meters in length and 12 meters of beam that pursues an ambitious goal: to teach the world that renewable energies are the solution to combat climate change.

Its white and blue hull, the diverse type of solar panels that cover it, the wind turbines erected with a peculiar architecture, and the engineering work that makes possible its propulsion, are some of the characteristics of this catamaran that makes it a master piece.

“Everything is designed to achieve maximum performance, explains one of its creators, Victorien Erussard, for this reason even the painting of the hull favors the projection of light so that the solar panels capture more energy. We are always improving the techniques, that's why you can see three different types of solar panels that have different characteristics and technologies such as those we have achieved that adapt to the shape of the yacht and you can even step on them without damaging them”

Inside the yacht the computer controls the entire renewable energy system and "although it is a very complex system, with the technology we have managed to simplify it to the point that starting the whole circuit is as simple as pressing a button" commented Victorien Erussard -currently on board with a crew of 7 people-.

Together with Jerôme Delafosse, they have proposed to create the first self-propelled boat powered by hydrogen, avoiding emissions of greenhouse gases or fine particles in the atmosphere. For this, the Energy Observer is nourished by diverse sources or renewable energies -eolic, solar, hydroelectric- that combine to get the boat to move autonomously, besides creating hydrogen on board through an electrolysis process of seawater.

Under the motto Odyssey for the future, the Energy Observer launched a 6-year expedition where they will visit 50 countries and call at 101 ports, with Marina Port de Mallorca being the marina chosen to moor on its way through Mallorca.

Patrick Reynés, manager of Marina Port de Mallorca, has expressed his satisfaction about the visit of the Energy Observer because "is not a coincidence to us that Energy Observer is here now. We have been working for a long time for the care of the environment and not only by conducting campaigns for clients and the dissemination of ecological measures both on land and during navigation, but we also have important quality and environmental certificates that endorse us as EMAS, ISO 14001, Blue Flag, and the own inscription in the Carbon Footprint Registry. For this same reason we have felt very identified with this project to which we have wanted to give all our support and we have received pleasantly in the marina."

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  • Marina Port de Mallorca welcomes Energy Observer in support of its expedition to combat climate change
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