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Journal of the workers of STP Shipyard Palma after an intense emergency drill

Following its rigorous safety policy, STP Shipyard Palma annually organizes, an emergency drill, in which the different work teams of the shipyard participate, putting into operation all the safety devices available in its facilities and also including the team of Firefighters of Palma, Port Authority of the Balearic Islands and Port Police of the Balearic Islands.

The training day was of great interest to the participants, who refresh their knowledge each year and learn new aspects of safety.

Federico Gaspar, from the 700 tn Travelift team, comments: “The course is very useful to know how to act in a real emergency, to have clear and well-marked guidelines. They teach us theoretical and practical knowledge. We remember where the hoses, fire extinguishes and other tools are and how they are used. This year we introduced a new exercise, a simulation of a situation with low visibility. The truth is that it’s appreciated to include new exercises every year. After the course I feel prepared to face any emergency situation and I have verified the importance of doing this kind of practice to refresh our knowledge and learn new ones.”

Ramiro Suarez of the Mariner team tells us: “During the emergency drill you put into practice the previously learned protocols and at the same time, as contingencies always arise, you have to face unexpected situations that prepare you for possible real cases. The crew don’t act on the ground like the others, but we are the support team from the sea, so our work, in the event of fire, is quite different from that of our coworkers. Our main functions are to deal with possible polluting spills in the sea, the assistance of accidents in the water or help to people who may fall overboard. One of the most important functions is to evacuate all boats moored to the side of the burning one to prevent the fire from spreading, and always trying to save them from damage as far as possible. In case the burning boat was drifting, the mariners have to try to move her to the coast so that the firemen can take care of the fire”.

These two interesting testimonials demonstrate the importance of these drills, which reinforce the security policy of STP Shipyard Palma and provide the personnel with the necessary knowledge to face a real emergency situation. Thanks to this, STP Shipyard Palma tries to be one of the safest shipyard in Europe.

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  • Journal of the workers of STP Shipyard Palma after an intense emergency drill
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