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Future sailing promises visit Marina Palma Cuarentena to see an iconic J Class from the inside

Marina Palma Cuarentena was visited by a group of children, junior sailors, who wanted to know about inside a sail yacht referring to them as a mythical J Class. Children, with their parents, enjoyed the experience of being able to introduce themselves the interior of a professional racing sail yacht and know first-hand many curiosities that, in view of the interest they showed, have undoubtedly increased their passion for sailing. The captain of the yacht and part of the crew, explained the interesting history of the yacht, what is the mission of each crew member on board and all the details about how the boat works during a race.

During the visit on board the regatta yacht they were able to find out what day-to-day life is like on a yacht with these characteristics. They had the opportunity to learn the name of all the parts of a sailboat, see the cabins where the crew sleep, and how the galley works, and see the saloon of the boat, which despite being designed for the competition are still very comfortable.

They also explained what life on the high seas is like, the various tasks and the equipment required by this type of boat. They could discover, for example, that the yacht sails with a total of 6 crew members when not racing, but the number that is multiplied by 4 in regattas, with more than 20 people coming on board to compete.

The captain, who, like the children, began sailing from a very young age, explained that the J Class was created to compete in the America’s Cup, in which they participated in 1930, 1934 and 1937. At the moment, a total of 9 J Class yachts are in existence and are admired wherever they go for their elegant design and class during sailing. A characteristic of these yachts is that they don’t have guard rails to hold during the race so this makes it much more exciting to see them sailing.
So far this year there are already 4 J Classes that are based in Mallorca and have chosen to use Marina Palma Cuarentena as a base port precisely because of its location in the heart of Palma de Mallorca and its facilities that, in addition to the being of last generation stands out for having become a marina of the most familiar and welcoming.

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  • Future sailing promises visit Marina Palma Cuarentena to see an iconic J Class from the inside
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