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Marina Port de Mallorca will clean up to 1.5 kg of plastics and garbage from the sea daily

Marina Port de Mallorca following its environmental preservation policy and its permanent interest in caring for the marine environment in which we sail and which many thousand of users enjoy, has installed on one of its docks an aquatic wastebasket that will clean its water mirror of floating plastics and waste that appear daily in the port.

The curious system, acts as a vacuum cleaner with a capacity to filter up to 25,000 Lph (liters per hour), which then re-releases in the port, trapping up to 20 kg of floating garbage of different sizes, and can retain microplastics up to 2mm size. This device can pick up to 1.5 kg of plastics per day, which is more than half a ton per year, in addition to the removal of wood, paper, oil or detergent among other things.

The Seabin installed in Marina Port de Mallorca is an invention of two young Australians that was built as a functional and low maintenance alternative to collect the garbage that accumulates on the water. They manufacture and personally participate in its installation, which has already spread throughout the world and specifically between several ports in the Balearic Islands. At the moment, this contraption works in docks and marinas but in the coming years it is expected that the Seabins will be installed in the open ocean and presented as one of the possible solutions to eliminate the plastic in our seas that unfortunately are damaging our oceans. The rescue of immobilized turtles entangled in plastics or the ingestion of lethal waste for fish, dolphins and other marine species is already becoming commonplace. The contamination of the sea also being seen to affect the public health since when eating fish consuming microplastics, we take that same contamination directly to the table.

For this reason, the collaboration of companies and individuals is very necessary. It is about reducing the use of single-use plastics, correctly recycling and avoiding the dumping of waste into the sea. Marina Port de Mallorca has a strong environmental policy whose main intention is to help take care of the environment of the Balearic Islands and mobilize its customers in the same direction.

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  • Marina Port de Mallorca will clean up to 1.5 kg of plastics and garbage from the sea daily
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