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The Carpentry at Varadero Valencia

Varadero Valencia opens its own carpenter’s workshop within its facilities with the aim of offering a more specialist and comprehensive service in this repair area. In this way, the shipyard is committed to continuous improvement and expansion of the range of specialists to offer a complete service to its customers.

The Carpentry will be a new reference in woodworking skills managed by experts with many years’ experience in  offering services such as changing teak decks, change of hull tables and caulking, manufacture of masts, booms and outriggers, construction of interior and exterior furniture, constructions of pulleys, general woodwork  and assembly and disassembly of keels.

In charge of The Carpentry is Rafa Carrió, until now Project Manager of Varadero Valencia, who has more than 20 years of experience in carpentry, and especially in the construction and sailing in wooden boats. He has worked on important carpentry refit projects that have brought him extensive knowledge in this area. But his passion in this field comes from far away. He owns a beautiful classic sail yacht, the Grayling, launched in 1900, on which he has done the maintenance and refit from the start to finish and it’s his best business card.

The Carpentry will also count on Fermín González and Vicente Escutia, master carpenters with years of experience in the nautical sector who have a long career in different shipyards.

In words of Rafa Carrió “The Carpentry opens to respond to the needs of both classic boats as well as sailboats and motoryachts that require a partial or total refit of the wood in the hands of specialists in the field that could guarantee precise and personalized solutions”.

In this way The Carpentry is standing as the new reference carpentry for classic yachts in the Mediterranean, offering a comprehensive service, the experience and above all passion for the art of treating wood to ensure success in each repair.

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  • The Carpentry at Varadero Valencia
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