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Marina Ibiza practices its best swing for the season

Golf and yachting have an important common element: the passion with which the participants of each activity display in their background. And that passion is what has caused a special union between the sea and the land, specifically the golf course.
Marina Ibiza shows its support of this exciting sport in the Lux Golf competition in the Balearic Islands to connect with the fans, many of them also owners or amateurs to boating after leaving the golf clubs behind.

The marina began this past March in this interesting collaboration with its director Alicia Polo, and will follow closely the calendar of golf tournaments that are held throughout the year on the best courses in the Balearic Islands.
Their participation is not only to have brand presence with flags and banners on the courses. Marina Ibiza wanted the participants of these tournaments to take a special token of the marina and designed some golf balls and hats, perfect for the game and to keep after the tournament.
The first one was held at the Santa Ponsa II golf course with a very high turnout. The players were able to enjoy a great game during the day and then eat at Hotel Son Claret, where the awards ceremony was held.
Menorca was the perfect venue to host the second Lux Golf tournament of the year, and Son Parc was the golf course that welcomed the players on that occasion. A beautiful and exotic place where the peacocks walk the course as spectators of the game. And Marina Ibiza again participated in this tournament and in the subsequent awards ceremony which was held along with the winners of the horse races of the already famous Hats & Horses event at the Hippodrome. A small replica of Ascot installed in Menorca from which the Marina Ibiza team enjoyed to the fullest.
The month of June is approaching where the players will compete, on Saturday 15th, the third tournament of the year to be played at the golf course of Son Antem where a large influx of participants is expected, and a fantastic trophy presentation will be held at the Gran Meliá Victoria.
 The most important tournament for Marina Ibiza is the one to be celebrated on the white island. On September 15, Ibiza will host one of the last tournaments where the marina will surely have a very special participation.
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  • Marina Ibiza practices its best swing for the season
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