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The Educational sailboat Sea Plastic, in Marina Port de Mallorca

Marina Port de Mallorca welcomes the sailboat Sea Plastic during its journey through the Mediterranean for research on the problem of plastic in the sea. During their stop at the marina facilities, the Sea Plastic project participants gave an educational explanation to the students of the Santa Magdalena Sofia School to raise awareness about the problem of plastics into the sea.

The children climbed aboard and were able to see first-hand what the research project of this interesting ecological and environmental floating centre is about.

Marina Port de Mallorca as part of its commitment to care for the environment and promotion of good practices collaborates in various ways and this time, with the mooring of the interesting Sea Plastic. Taking advantage of the fact that the boat was in Palma, the port thought it would be interesting to organise a school visit so the crew could explain the future promises for the city, the advances in the research and the operation of the machinery used for the extraction of plastic, as well as the objectives of this project.

In addition, the children were also received by a person in charge of the Seabin bins, installed in Marina Port de Mallorca. This specialist told them how these bins operate and how they clean plastics and other debris from the water and are later analysed to have a greater knowledge of the type of plastics found in the port of Palma.

The students of the Santa Magdalena Sofia School that attended the explanation have a biology project within the marina that they have been managing since 2017. The experiment consist, in the construction of their own traps that later strategically placed in two points of the port with the purpose of studying how the microorganisms go little by little adhering to the support used to later analyse in their laboratory the different samples that they have been extracting monthly.

And to conclude the visit the children’s enjoyed a Plastic Free snack prepared by Marina Port de Mallorca and Sea Plastic crew.

Marina Port de Mallorca collaborates whenever it has an opportunity of this kind of educational projects that offer information and solutions regarding the current environmental problems. That is why it has the EMAS environmental declaration, on which it sets out its annual actions on environmental responsibility and reduces its impact on the environment as a part of the solution to this problem.

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  • The Educational sailboat Sea Plastic, in Marina Port de Mallorca
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