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Marina Ibiza is again the host port of the 4th APD Cruise Regatta

Marina Ibiza, once again, has been the host port of arrival of the 4th edition of the APD Cruise Regatta, as well as participating in the competition with its own boat.

The most exclusive marina in the Mediterranean received all the participants after an intense and exciting day in which the wind did not disappoint. More than 12 knots was the speed reached by the boat representing Marina Ibiza according to one of its crew members.

Eleven boats and 120 participants this year were part of what has already become an established event for Marina Ibiza, as stated by its manager Daniel Marí. Since the beginning, the marina has enjoyed competing with its own boat, as well as giving moorings to the participants, offering the dinner upon arrival, the awards ceremony and participating in a healthy competition between friends and professionals who take advantage of this opportunity to meet and network.

As always, the finish line was located in front of the Tagomago Island and after having left the starting line in Mallorca at 11:00 am o’clock in the morning, the first boat, which was Marina Ibiza, arrived at 04:19 pm in the afternoon thanks to the favourable wind, the boat  perfectly prepared for the race and the great crew that from the beginning defined the best strategy to get to Ibiza first !.

Upon arrival, Javier Cid, captain of Marina Ibiza welcomed the participants and invited everyone to share a fun dinner on the terrace with the best views of Ibiza, in the Calma Restaurant, where the party lasted until late, proof of the good atmosphere created among the participating crews.

To close this fourth edition of the APD Cruise Regatta, the participants were summoned again the following morning at the Calma Restaurant in Marina Ibiza for a breakfast with the presence of Marcos Marí, owner of the host marina, Marina Ibiza, and the subsequent delivery of prizes by the President of the APD, Sebastián Escarrer, leaving the ranking as indicated below:

1. Veritas Dolç
2. Marina Ibiza
3. Atlant del Vent
4. Seapray
5. Eleutheria
6. Puerto Portals
7. Sargantal
8. Final de obra
9. Buen vino tinto
10. Casioopea U
11. Happy B

Several novelties were introduced this year in the competition as the second prize for the most ecological boat that managed to recycle more quantity of plastics and third prize for the boat with more activity in social networks. In addition, the winning boat has a prize of € 3,000 contributed by La Caixa, which was allocated to an NGO, in this case, the Association Against Cancer.

The interesting environmental initiative, the idea of Iberostar, was presented under the motto Wave Of Change being Alejandro Borrás, attached to the management of Fundación Iberostar, who was able to explain why this year the regatta was more sustainable. This movement’s objective was the elimination of plastics, the promotion of the responsible consumption of fish and the improvement of the coastal health.

The APD Cruise Regatta is taking importance year after year, and gets a greater number of participants year on year and Marina Ibiza is delighted to be part of the organisation and host this friendly event that favours personal development and networking in a fun way.

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  • Marina Ibiza is again the host port of the 4th APD Cruise Regatta
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