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Marina Port de Mallorca inaugurates a new season that seems to exceed expectations

Marina Port de Mallorca has inaugurated the season with its customers and friends with a barbecue already established as a custom among the most regular clients of the marina. This event has always been the best indicator of how the season is shaping up and how the summer occupation level will be. This year there is no doubt that, if it continues along this same line, the marina will break occupancy records again.

The event was a success and allowed us to enjoy a fantastic and fun spring afternoon. Once again, the catering was the popular roast pork which all the assistants ask for year after year, and for dessert the typical Mallorcan ensaimada. So, between laughs and reunions, the night arrived, and the party was brought to a close.

The event had many facets such as the holding of a raffle among attendees for several batches of gifts that surprisingly fell mostly into the hands of the youngest.

Marina Port de Mallorca is the meeting point for the sea and Balearic Islands enthusiasts at the beginning of summer who, as every year, come to the marina with the desire to see their berth neighbours again and to see that Marina Port de Mallorca is a very close and familiar marina which many consider their second home.

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  • Marina Port de Mallorca inaugurates a new season that seems to exceed expectations
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