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ROTO, the new restaurant that breaks into Marina Ibiza to revolutionize the island

Marina Ibiza’s jetty takes on a special importance: ROTO is born. Generation after generation, Ibizans and visitors have sat in this place to observe the most romantic sunsets with Dalt Vila as a backdrop, just letting time pass by accompanied by the coming and going of the boats, the wind...

ROTO is a tribute to lovers of the sea, the passion that flows through the veins of many women and men who live on and visit the island, whose lives are closely linked to the “blue” and the boats, where life is not life without going out sailing, without experiencing it as la dolce vita. ROTO is that place where sailors and bon viveurs gather, where each afternoon they meet to tell of their adventures. That warehouse where a passion is shared and boats passing by are watched. ROTO is the best spot to take a break and look out over the sea.

It offers quality cuisine in a smart setting and relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy lunch or dinner with traditional flavours that hark back to another age. ROTO evokes the spirit of times past, of an Ibiza where anonymous artists and dreamers met up without bothering about where they came from or what had brought them to the island, nor what the following day would bring. ROTO evokes that time when what mattered was the moment, the here and now. 

With a culinary offering inspired by memories, you can now enjoy traditional dishes and flavours that take you back to childhood and the Ibizan culture: these are dishes that remind you of meals at your grandparents’ house, although with a modern touch and enhanced flavours. It is a brave and free cuisine that mixes flavours that are not normally easily found. And although the combinations may seem a little strange, they can even surprise gastronomic gurus. The hope is to create a “Roto flavour” to the point where someone is able to identify a ROTO dish even when eating with their eyes closed.

You’ll come to ROTO wondering what they’ll have thought of to cook today... just dying to be sitting at the table finding out! Whether they are dishes with an Arab essence, or typically Spanish, or even international dishes... all have one special feature: spices.
This new spot seeks to bring to Ibiza another type of recreational option, where it's all about “being there”, even playing cards, not just eating and leaving. ROTO will be a meeting point giving rise to messages such as “see you in ROTO, on my way”. 

The look of ROTO follows the same concept. It’s like the living room in a New York house extrapolated to its new setting on the sea, trying to make something broken (roto) into something special: the life of seasoned sofas, old wood and vinyl records that give the place atmosphere, in a context where it would seem it shouldn’t fit, as, far from super luxury and a nautical atmosphere, it seeks to recreate a loft over the sea.
If there’s one thing that will make history at ROTO, it’s the time spent there. Spending time in ROTO implies a philosophy of freedom where you are invited into the lounge of the house and from your welcome to the minute you leave you’ll want to remember every moment.
Open all year. Reservations at 

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  • ROTO, the new restaurant that breaks into Marina Ibiza to revolutionize the island
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