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4th Edition of Marina Ibiza Environmental Children s Regatta

Last weekend, students at Club Náutico de Ibiza s sailing school enjoyed various activities organised and sponsored by Marina Ibiza that form part of the annual agenda of environmental actions.


Last Saturday, around 25 students from the sailing school boarded the Seabusto participate in an educational day event. This falls within the programme devised by Trasmapi and the Be Blue project in collaboration with Vellmarí, where the young sailors were able to learn about aspects of the underwater world. The objective was to educate younger generations about how to care for Ibiza s waters and seabed.


These activities are an example of those that have been carried out at Dive Camp, which Be Blue has been conducting this summer on board the Princesa del Mar and which are already being programmed for the upcoming season. The talk given by Vellmari instructors before embarking on the serious risk of extinction that seahorses and fan mussels faceserved as anintroduction to a day of diving and snorkelling. Once the briefing had been given on land, the children proceeded to search for these species in the transparent Ibiza waters. The participants had great fun on a day which, at one and the same time, connected them with their surroundings and contributed to their awareness of, and respect for, it.


OnSunday, the 4th Edition of Marina Ibiza Environmental Children s Regatta took place in collaboration with Club Náutico de Ibiza, where the Club s Optimistand Laser 4.7 classes competed. 28 craft took part in this regatta, which is now a regular on the Ibiza calendar. The trials got underway at 11 am in the zone of Playa d en Bossa, and ended with an exhibition in the bay of Ibiza, opposite Marina Ibiza.

To round off the event, prizes were awarded to the winners at Restaurante La Calma, after which there was a meal for all participants and some family members.

 Marina Ibiza hopes it has succeeded in conveying its message - raising awareness amongst this group of young sea enthusiasts about the environment that surrounds them - and is looking forward with open arms to seeing them again for the 5th Edition next year.

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  • 4th Edition of Marina Ibiza Environmental Children s Regatta
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