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STP Shipyard Palma collaborates with Yacthing Gives Back offering a space in its facilities

STP Shipyard Palma installs a “special container” in the yard to support the charity initiative of the new non-profit organization Yachting Gives Back. This container aims to draw the attention of the yachts that arrive in the shipyard and offers a space where yachts can deposit items from food to household goods or clothing that they will not use for their next season, and donate it to people with needs on the island.

Yachting Gives Back is a new charitable  organisation created and directed by Nick Entwisle, who recently retired after 22 years with GYG-Pinmar, and Tracey Miller, of GYG-Pinmar Supply together with Dennis Moshofsky, Paddy Pigden and Louise Balfour, whose initiative emerged from the idea that all year round, but particularly at the end of the season, all the yachts who go to STP Shipyard to do their maintenance and repair works discard a large amount of food, clothing, utensils, and other equipment that can no longer be used for the following season.

Nick’s experience in charitable activities is extraordinary, with 28 years of experience organizing the Pinmar Golf Tournament, a great charity event that has garnered great successes and even greater earnings. This, together with knowing the neediest organisations on the island makes them the perfect team to make the most of the yachts’ donations. It makes perfect sense that those who enjoy the waters around our beautiful islands are able to give something back to the local people who are disadvantaged.

It is amazing to see this group of professionals in full action who travel the entire STP Shipyard Palma facilities in search of support from captains, shipowners and companies with a double interest. On the one hand they reduce the amount of waste produced by the yachts and on the other, and highlighted, they help people with needs on the island.

Yachting Gives Back facilitates the donations from all those who want to make a contribution. They are responsible for collecting everything, storing it in the STP container and distributing to the different NGOs chosen on the island. The material that is being donated this year will be given to the Shambala Foundation, Associació Tardor and Mallorca Sense Fam.

STP Shipyard Palma is a shipyard committed to the environment and society and that is why it carries out various fundraising activities that it subsequently donates to a previously chosen NGO.

In this case, given the involvement with the organisers and the guarantee of seriousness in their actions, STP Shipyard Palma wanted to contribute its grain of sand with the container and thus facilitate the task of collecting the association.

Soon STP will hold its already mythical Charity Barbecue for customers, businesses and employees working within the shipyard and of course, there will be a charity objective which STP will soon announce the name of the association that will receive the money raised.

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  • STP Shipyard Palma collaborates with Yacthing Gives Back offering a space in its facilities
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