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Marina Ibiza cares for the environment with new actions.

As a marina involved in the care for the environment, Marina Ibiza is in constant search of actions to collaborate in its preservation and promote good practices among clients, workers and users of the marina.
In this sense, it has installed a sea bin in one of its pontoons that traps the waste that floats on the surface, with the aim of putting this waste that reaches the sea in its place, dirtying it and causing many marine species to be trapped in them

This new system known as Seabin has the capacity to filter up to 25,000 liters per hour, being able to retain microplastics of up to 2mm and 1.5kg of daily waste, which represents 45 kilos of garbage per month and more than half a ton per year.

At the same time and to continue with the elimination of waste from the sea, Marina Ibiza carried out the annual cleaning of its seabed that delimits the port, in which, with the help of divers, the bottom is cleaned of objects that arrive there by human action.

From shopping carts, batteries, bicycles, to a construction scaffolding, a washing machine, and tires, tarps, mats, are some of the objects that have emerged from the bottom on this occasion.

During a day, the team of divers tracks and identifies these objects with buoys, to then pull the ropes to which they are tied, remove them from the water and prepare them so that they are correctly recycled. In this way, marine species are prevented from using objects that do not belong to the seabed and that can even be highly polluting as homes.

It is thanks to the commitment of Marina Ibiza with the environment and the daily effort for its conservation, that it maintains important awards that endorse its activities such as EMAS certification, ISO 14001, Blue Flag, 5 Blue stars from IMCI, and registration in the Carbon Footprint is another of the certificates that Marina Ibiza holds and that this year has managed to raise the Reduce level thanks to the effort to reduce its Carbon Footprint compared to the previous year.

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  • Marina Ibiza cares for the environment with new actions.
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