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Roto and Marina Ibiza are transformed into the stage for MasterChef Celebrity 5

On Tuesday 24th November at 10 pm on Spanish TVE s La 1 channel, MasterChef Celebrity 5 participants put their skills to the test on the hobs of Restaurante Roto in Marina Ibiza, a key setting on the island, chosen to host the tenth programme of this series where contestants give their culinary creativity free rein and feed 70 guests invited to the event.
The celebrities who have made it to this programme will take on the challenge of preparing a menu devised by Jorge Brazález, winner of MasterChef 5, based on traditional cooking with Ibizan produce using modern techniques and given an updated twist; a menu that is 100% Mediterranean with Arab influences. All this with Marina Ibiza and Roto as the stage and the incomparable backdrop of Dalt Vila on a spectacular sunny day on the island of Ibiza.
You see, the Pityusic Island isn t just sun, sea and sand; it also boasts stunning spots where it seems that time simply stands still, with its long culinary and gastronomic history and with legendary dishes that have become a must for visitors and residents wanting to sample the authentic Ibiza. And Roto knows plenty about this, as a restaurant with a ground breaking concept and modern design, situated on the breakwater at Marina Ibiza. It was precisely this that attracted the attention of Shine Iberia, the MasterChef production company, whose directors chose it as a unique location to record one of the last programmes of this season.
Rotos concept of fusion cuisine brings together perfectly the history of Ibiza and its gastronomy with a modern twist, factors that were the perfect blend to make MasterChef choose this landmark spot on the island.

Marina Ibiza is the most exclusive port in the Mediterranean, located on the White Isle s Golden Mile, whose motto perfectly reflects its essence: Much more than a marina, a style of life. 
This port, designed to accommodate superyachts up to 100 m length, is an obligatory meeting point for celebrities and entrepreneurs, who each year stop over and pay a visit to one or more of the luxury boutiques or restaurants, amongst which is the famous Lío Club Cabaret, Calma, Cappuccino and the coolest restaurant in Ibiza, Roto.

Restaurante Roto is a tribute to all those captivated by the energy of the island, a place that is buzzing and which came into being to evoke the spirit of times past when people from all corners of the world found a place where they could let their thoughts wander and freely dream about the only thing that mattered the here and now. Its spectacular terrace, opposite the town, flies out over the sea, defying time. 
A place where time stands still.

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  • Roto and Marina Ibiza are transformed into the stage for MasterChef Celebrity 5
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