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Marina Ibiza is more protected and equipped for emergencies every day

Marina Ibiza acquires a new fire protection and towing boat that provides its facilities with maximum security in the event of any incident for which access by sea is necessary. It can go to the assistance of any vessel that requires it either due to fire or towing due to breakdown or any other cause.

The ship has a powerful 120m3 / h fire pump, with a ZZ5 lance located in the prow to be able to assist, in the event of a yacht fire, and also to extinguish from the sea, allowing the fire to be controlled more quickly and effectively to avoid spreading to other moored yachts.

It is  6 meters in length and 2.40 in beam and has a 121 hp John Deere engine that allows it to reach a maximum speed of 12 knots.  The new Marina Ibiza emergency boat also has a Side Power SE40 Kfg. bow thruster, VHF from Raymarine, Dragonfly 7 pro probe, a towing hook with 10 Tn pulling capacity and a battery charger.

The Marina Ibiza team annually conducts a fire drill and training sessions that make them prepared for any incident which may occur. Now, with the incorporation of this boat added to the emergency protocol, they will have the ability to also attend from the sea in the event of a fire on a yacht, increasing the degree of speed attending an emergency and makes boarding easier to fight the fire. The most exclusive marina in the Mediterranean also stands out for being one of the safest.

In addition to this latest acquisition, the marina already has numerous measures for assistance and prevention of these types of incidents, such as two fixed pumps and two portable fire-fighting pumps with foam diffuser, portable a, b, c and CO2 powder extinguishers distributed throughout the facilities, Equipped Fire Hydrants distributed throughout the facilities, absorbent barriers to contain fuel, oils or other substances in case of involuntary spills with a total of approximately 140 meters and various anti-pollution material such as absorbent spill rags, hydrocarbon dispersants, etc.

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  • Marina Ibiza is more protected and equipped for emergencies every day
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