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STP Shipyard Palma is committed to new sustainable measures

One of the main objectives of STP Shipyard Palma is to offer a service that meets the needs of its customers, and in this sense, it is constantly updating its facilities and adapting its services to meet the expectations of the vessels during their maintenance works or refit.

In this sense, the last measure implemented has been the installation of solar panels that allow generating electricity and consuming it instantly, managing to satisfy part of the demand of customers and industrialists in a sustainable way.

To do this, a previous study was carried out in which various factors were analyzed in order to select the most appropriate place for the installation, taking into account power, surface area, availability, and orientation, among other things.

Enrique Galiano, Engineer responsible of STP Shipyard Palma’s facilities explains that “with a 73kw installation arranged in 162 panels, it is possible to generate the energy to supply the equivalent of 18 homes or a 45-meter-long boat”. Additionally, “this flow of energy manages to alleviate the consumption peaks that are generated between 9 a.m. and 12 noon. Since its installation to date, the solar panels have generated 32,650 kwh and in one year they would be able to generate more than 100,000 kwh avoiding the discharge of 30 tons of CO2 per year into the atmosphere. One of the contributions of this installation to the environment is to reduce the Carbon Footprint”.

The results of this installation have been so successful that a second 27kw installation is already being planned, adding a total of 100kw of energy produced.

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  • STP Shipyard Palma is committed to new  sustainable measures
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