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Varadero Valencia analyzes its figures in an exceptional and intense year of refits

Coming to 15 years of intense work in the boat repair and maintenance sector, Varadero Valencia recapitulates and takes stock of a complicated year, but at the same time full of challenges, work and the desire to improve.

Since it began its activity to the present, both the team of professionals and the facilities themselves have evolved to serve all types of boats that arrive for commissioning, for specific repairs and for complicated projects both in time and in the involvement of different industrialists to carry it out.

Its technical area of 28,000m2 of esplanade has served more than 8,000 boats in its facilities with resources and equipment made up of 3 pits with a draft of up to 5 meters, a covered warehouse of 400m2 and the incorporation in the last year of a new travelift that allows the lifting of boats of up to 300 tons, which translates into boats of approximate dimensions of 45m in length and 9m beam.

In addition, Varadero Valencia has a 360º service including the management of TPAs and is currently working on the implementation of a quality protocol that guarantees standards aimed at achieving a higher degree of customer satisfaction at the end of their projects.

But if there is something that has been increasing in Varadero Valencia, in addition to the length of boats -which thanks to the new travelift increased significantly from 35m to 45m-, it is the intervention in large projects and it is that the client's profile that this year has trusted the shipyard has evolved thanks to having Varadero Valencia positioning as an interesting and affordable alternative for those boats that have not found space in Mallorca or have had the need to optimize their budgets.

It should also be noted the increasing arrival of classic and regattas boats that increasingly rely on these facilities. And it is that another of the qualities to mention is having all the services in the same place, from the hand of the same team offering a comprehensive and fast repair.

Varadero Valencia in figures 2020
Travelift movements: almost 2.000 
Boats repaired: + 1.000 (septemer - march)
Occupation in high season of refit: 85%
Occupation of basic maintenance: 100% & waiting list
Basic maintenance: 80%
Refit : 20%
Sailing: 42%
Motor: 58%
Maximum lenght hoisted: 46m 
Heaviest hoist: 265 tonnes
Large number of clients for fine-tuning for regattas

Analyzing these figures and considering the characteristics of an exceptional year in terms of restrictions, the data encourages Varadero Valencia to continue evolving in the same direction to offer ever better services and build its own space in the comprehensive repair sector.

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  • Varadero Valencia analyzes its figures in an exceptional and intense year of refits
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