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Varadero Valencia launches a new service: the management of TPAs.

Continuing with its interest in offering more and better services, and facilitating the procedures in the repair and maintenance of its clients boats, Varadero Valencia will offer from this month the possibility of processing the Active Improvement Traffic regime (TPA) for non-EU owned and flagged vessels so that they can benefit from the tax regime avoiding the payment of 21% VAT on repairs and maintenance.

Santiago Donat, Manager of Varadero Valencia, has stated that “this initiative has arisen with the aim of providing a premium service in Varadero Valencia. For this reason, we are expanding the range of services offered, which are not only limited to the repair and maintenance of boats themselves but also to the processing of the necessary documentation in each case, including negotiations with insurance companies and customs according to the case of each client.

Thus, all those non-EU boats, regardless of whether they repair or carry out their maintenance in Varadero or elsewhere, may request, thanks to our new portfolio of services, the management of their TPAs. Carrying out this procedure is not an easy task and it cannot be handled by any individual, so on behalf of Varadero Valencia we have reached a collaboration agreement with professionals who are proven in the sector, who will help any client with these procedures”. 

This shipyard also has a lifting capacity of up to 300 tonnes, its own painting division -Monzo Yacht Painting- and another specialized carpentry division -The Carpentry- thus becoming an excellent facility for the maintenance and repair of all types of boats but in particular, of classics and regatta yachts. Added to this is the 360º service in which they pick up the boat at its base port and return it repaired to its mooring position, and the ITB service (Technical Inspection for Boats) also highly demanded.

The sum of services and facilities that Varadero Valencia makes available to its clients, together with its location on the Mediterranean coast, make it an extraordinary alternative for the maintenance or repair of boats.

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  • Varadero Valencia launches a new service: the management of TPAs.
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