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Varadero Valencia presents its undercover refit area.

Varadero Valencia presents its 400 m2 covered area, ideal for carrying out the maintenance and repair of boats undercover. This workshop permits refits to be carried out with a 24 7, 365 days-a-year work guarantee, delivering total peace of mind and no disruptions due to bad weather.

The undercover area offers all conveniences to perform any work, from painting, carpentry, mechanics, etc., as well as a compressed air service and boat storage if necessary. This space allows for the entry of the 150 tonne travelift and has capacity to house boats up to 27 metres in length.

Undercover refits are a useful option to protect the boat from bad weather during its time in dry dock and avoid delays in the work to be done due to weather conditions, thereby being a guarantee that the refit deadlines will be met and the boat will be ready in time for the season.

Another of the countless advantages of putting the boat undercover is preventing pollutants from the outside coming into contact with it during painting, sanding, applying anti-fouling, etc. and also preventing residues and particles contaminating the external environment. The shipyard undertakes various activities to protect the environment and encourages its clients to work and sail in a manner that is also respectful of it.

Varadero Valencia has performed numerous boat refits in this facility, including:

Motor Yacht Lexington Blue
Motor Yacht Unica.
Motor Yacht Gaveira IV.
Sail Yacht La Luna.
Sail Yacht The Lady Anne.
Sail Yacht Wally One.

It has also carried out complete painting projects on TP52 Class boats, including:


It is essential to stress the importance of carrying out work in a contained space, in controlled environments where it is much easier to maintain environmental conditions such as temperatures within a constant range.

Varadero Valencia has used the space to this effect on numerous occasions, on major projects where the correct control of atmospheric conditions is a key necessity. This was the case in the work carried out by Varadero Valencia to rebuild and lengthen the stern of the yacht Phoenix, a very complicated composite job that was done undercover with a rigorous control of ambient parameters.

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  • Varadero Valencia presents its undercover refit area.
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