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Varadero Valencia launches sailing team

The relationship between Varadero Valencia and Aquarelle Sailing has now gone beyond mere sponsorship. The team led by Arturo Meseguer has been working with the yard for five years and, in the words of the owner of this highly prepared Frers 45 with huge potential, has reached such a level of harmony and trust with the Varadero Valencia team that the relationship has naturally mutated into a project full of synergies. "A good racing team needs to have the support of a good shipyard, and the best way for a good shipyard to show how it can prepare a racing boat is to have a good racing team", explained Meseguer. "We complement each other very well and we work very comfortably with the team, especially with Jeremy Williams, the technical director, who gives us a fantastic follow-up of the work carried out on the boat". The Frers 45 Aquarelle is a nifty and racing-oriented daysailer based at Varadero Valencia, where the team says that it "feels at home".

For Varadero Valencia, this partnership is an opportunity to venture in the racing world and learn about the needs and concerns of its potential customers at first hand. "From our strategic location at RCN Valencia, we're able to cover all the needs of any racing team", said yard manager Santiago Donat. "In addition to the 28,000 square metres of hardstanding and the operational capacity of our three travel lifts for yachts up to 300 tons or 45 metres LOA, we have a technical office prepared to solve any repair or fine-tuning of competition boats with an end-to-end service. Aquarelle will be a showcase of our team's professionalism, and we're excited about the idea of embarking upon this project and getting to know the world of racing from within". 

The programme of Varadero Valencia Aquarelle Sailing Team for the next two seasons will include races organised by RCNV such as the Trofeo S.M. La Reina or the Trofeo Presidente. This will optimise its development to later compete in the Copa del Rey and PalmaVela. The crew for this will be led by Arturo Meseguer, Pau Chirivella and Antonio Puig, and supported by professionals such as Nacho Braquehais and Juan Meseguer, as well as Jeremy Williams and Santiago Donat from the yard.

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  • Varadero Valencia launches sailing team
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