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STP Shipyard Palma skilfully deals with on-site fire drill


On Monday, the entire STP Shipyard Palma team was surprised during their working day with a fire drill at the yard, designed to practise STP's fire response protocol.

After the fire alarm rang out, the yard's technical teams rushed to the site of the fire to tackle the incident. Thanks to the on-site fire engine, the response protocol started within just a few minutes, without the teams having to wait for Palma Fire Brigade to start putting out the fire.

The STP workforce was divided into different teams to put out the flames from various points of action, while possible injuries were located at the same time and evacuated from the danger zone. In a matter of minutes, the STP team managed to control and contain the fire until the arrival of Palma Fire Brigade, which carried out a visual inspection to guarantee that there were no more victims and that the fire had completely gone out, bringing the drill to an end.

Once again, the STP Shipyard Palma team skilfully put into practice its knowledge and ability to react to a fire emergency on site, highlighting the high level of safety and response measures available at the yard. 

These drills are regularly carried out at STP to prepare the team for any type of emergency situation. One of the main goals is to guarantee the maximum levels of safety for clients, workers and yachts, which is why STP is always at the forefront of safety and risk management.


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  • STP Shipyard Palma skilfully deals with  on-site fire drill
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