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Varadero Valencia welcomes more and more large yachts for refits

There's a pre-summer buzz in the air down at Varadero Valencia, where more superyachts up to 300 tons have graced the hardstanding than in previous years. With refit & repair jobs now completed, these yachts are ready to set off for the summer having enjoyed excellent services, convenient facilities, and outstanding customer service in the strategically located city of Valencia.
Varadero Valencia has worked relentlessly in recent years to offer better service and quality. And what has really boosted client feedback recently has been the yard's enhanced quality control system thanks to internal audits of jobs carried out and regular reviews of the entire refit & repair process, which is meticulously monitored from start to finish. This, added to the investment into state-of-the-art products for paint jobs, endorses the guarantees on offer.
What's more, and very importantly, the team of project managers - all of them experts in the refit & repair of different profiles of luxury yachts - has been reinforced to provide personalised and fully dedicated service to each and every client. Last, but most certainly not least, the customer experience has been significantly enhanced. The key main goal is for the client to feel totally at ease as soon as they step foot in the yard and enjoy all the teambuilding activities with other captains. And on top of that, everyone has access to the facilities of the Real Club Náutico de Valencia (where Varadero Valencia is located), such as tennis courts, paddle courts, swimming pool, restaurants, and so on. 
All these actions have vastly improved the quality of the works on offer, which clients are already noticing and commenting on. What's more, Varadero Valencia had 100% occupancy rates this refit season and witnessed a +10% rise in large yachts, both sailing and motor.
The best-rated jobs, according to satisfaction surveys, are full refits. Varadero Valencia deals with everything from deck replacements and repairs, hydraulics, mechanics, electricity, rigging, upholstery and interiors to fairing, polishing, metallic paints, and double-coat lacquering, provided expertly by Monzó Yacht Painting. Meanwhile, the highly renowned The Carpentry is famed for its experts in both interior and exterior woodwork. 
The 26-metre M/Y Taureana and the 27-metre M/Y Griffioen are just two of this year's happy customers who have spent time at the yard. 
John Horn, Captain of Griffioen, comments, "after forty years using this type of facility all over the world, I can definitely say that at Varadero Valencia there's organisation, smooth workflows, professionalism, great carpenters and a great team in general. This streamlines all the jobs and makes your stay at a refit yard much more comfortable. In sort, this yard is probably the best I've ever been to. And I can say that out of experience".
Meanwhile Santiago Donat, Manager of Varadero Valencia, who engages directly in all the projects at the yard, says that "this year has been characterised by full refits, which have all been completed successfully and on time. The challenge was to coordinate the teams perfectly so that that everything would go as planned". 
Luis Marzal, Project Manager at Varadero Valencia, adds that "the colour of the metal hull on my most recent job was tricky to get right, and the deadlines were very tight, but the results were excellent, and the captain was extremely satisfied with the work done".
Sailing yachts are also welcome on the hardstanding. For example, work was recently done on a 30m Van Dam Nordia and a 24m Southern Wind, which both left the yard with a very positive opinion. 
The enhanced quality and service at Varadero Valencia have made it a benchmark refit & repair yard that offers yachts the optimal conditions to get ready for the sailing season. What's more, once the projects are finished, there is support and a post-refit service, which is also highly appreciated by clients. Right now, Varadero Valencia is continuing to work tirelessly on other attractive projects that will soon see the light of day.
For more information, call Varadero Valencia on 
+34 96 367 44 84 or send an email to

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  • Varadero Valencia welcomes more and more large yachts for refits
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