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IPM Group handed out its donations from ‘Operation Kilo 2014’ campaign

The IPM Group handed out this morning about 40 boxes plenty of food, toys, adults and childrens clothes, as well as cleaning products. All these donations were collected as part of the Operation Kilo campaign that each year is held at Marina Port de Mallorca, Marina Palma Cuarentena and STP Shipyard Palma. This time the campaign was held from mid-October until Friday 19th of December, but still continued bringing last minute donations.

The appointment took place at STP, where all contributions provided by clients, friends, captains, crews and workers of the three facilities were in storage. José Ma Campuzano, Managing Director of IPM Group, joined Catalina Cunill and Angel Prades of Zaqueo Organization, Emilio Contreras from Can Gaza, and Fernando Mulet from the Rotary Club of Mallorca on behalf of the Solidarity Montesión Association.

The organizations were very pleased with IPM’s contribution since there are many people in need. The Zaqueo Organization has a social dining that serves about 340 people a day. "We are overwhelmed. In many occations the food they bring us is not enough” said Angel Prades. "We prepare 180 bags to deliver everyday, and 140 or 150 other people eat there."

Meanwhile in Gaza Can Association, they help people in extreme social exclusion caused by drug addiction and alcoholism. They have 36 residents in Can Gaza’s house and Sa Casa Larga is where they sell clothing, furniture and accessories to fundraise and self-financing.

At the same time, the Association of Former Solidarity Montesión, attends 3.000 families, which is about 8.000 users among infants, children, youth and adults. "Every Thursday they deliver bags of food. They also give clothes, and for the Wise kings day they prepared a bad for every child” said Fernando Mulet.

The IPM Group organizes several collecting campaigns as well as social and environmental awareness campaigns, and this initiative was the last social activity organized in 2014.

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  • IPM Group handed out its donations from ‘Operation Kilo 2014’ campaign
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