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Summer farewell party at Marina Palma Cuarentena

Although the weather did not not show it, summer has come to an end and has given way to autumn. And Marina Palma Cuarentena wanted to celebrate it with its customers and friends the result of this great season.

To do so, customers moored in the marina were invited to a barbecue, making this already common event in this private and exclusive port, a family gathering since there is already a connection between the community of loyal customers that moore each season .

Captains, shipowners, crew, sailors, colleagues and brokers, did not miss this event, which began at sunset and lasted until 10pm because the atmosphere created with surrounding Yachts, the music and the smell of delicious barbecued meat were responsible for everyone who approached, to catch up with this good energy.

Barbecues of this central marina in Palma de Mallorca, Marina Palma Cuarentena, are already popular and a guaranteed success because the staff of the marina, always willing to help with a smile, is responsible for creating a familiar and friendly environment from the beginning to the end of the stay of each client.

Check out our social media to see more pictures of the event.

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  • Summer farewell party at  Marina Palma Cuarentena
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