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Excellent results in the collaboration between Varadero Valencia and ProRigging

Since signing a collaboration contract at the end of 2016, ProRigging has carried out several maintenance jobs at Varadero Valencia that have brought a further degree of professionalisation to the services the shipyard already offered with great efficiency. A good example of this is the dismasting of S/Y Kings Ransom, a 24-metre catamaran.

The work was performed one calm morning, where the riggers impressed with their skill and agility in an operation which, although carried out regularly, needs to be monitored with absolute precision to guarantee the desired result. Both the mast and the boom remained dismantled for a few days in the Varadero Valencia facilities, to allow for the inspection of the rigging and pulley blocks.

This new policy of collaboration by specialist area with professionals of proven experience in the sector is bringing added value to Varadero Valencia, making it a benchmark location for the refit and repair of all types of craft. And this can already be noted with the arrival of boats from other parts that see in this facility a place where they can carry out their maintenance tasks with an absolute guarantee and efficiency.

Varadero Valencia also offers mechanical and electronics services, painting, carpentry and anything else a boat may require, always performed by the best professionals.

As we all know, unity creates strength, and when two prestigious companies with a strong reputation for service create synergies to complement each other, this can only give rise to successful results in all work carried out by them.

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  • Excellent results  in the collaboration between  Varadero Valencia and ProRigging
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