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Monzó Yacht Painting actualizes its services and launches a website

Monzó Yacht Painting begins the summer season with great force and the updating of its work processes. An important point to highlight is the quality guarantee, since Monzó Yacht Painting has created standards and a quality as a commitment to its clients to deliver certified work and with the assurance that the repair and painting processes were carried out with the highest quality filters.
Additionally, Monzó Yacht Painting has launched its website where, in addition to presenting the update of its services, it offers a space where the results of its work can be publicized in a section dedicated to completed projects.
This site also facilitates the communication to potential clients through a complete form that allows documents and photographs to be uploaded to show exactly the details to be repaired and thus have a more precise idea of the cost and time required for each intervention.
Another of the projects in which Monzó Yacht Paiting is involved, is the sponsorship of the Varadero Valencia Aquarelle Sailing Team regatta yacht. The Monzó team has been involved in the maintenance and paint repair of this boat, which has already participated in different regattas during 2022. Thus, the Varadero Valencia Aquarelle will exhibit the painting of the mast, boom, hull, cabin and deck, in addition to the antifouling, by being its best letter of introduction.
Monzó Yacht Painting will also share projects and information about the different works and painting techniques through its social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. 

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  • Monzó Yacht Painting actualizes its services and launches a website
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