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Operation Kilo 2014

IPM Group has launched Operation Kilo 2014. Like every year, donations will be accepted at the receptions of Marina Port de Mallorca, Marina Palma Cuarentena and STP Shipyard Palma in order to help those in need.

Last year we collected 800 kilos, let’s see how many kilos will you help us collect this year!

We need to collect clothes in good condition for infants, children, youth and adults, plus toys and baby products such as porridges, follow on and follow up milk, diapers, wipes, cribs, baby parks, baby car seats, baby chairs, and everything your children don’t use anymore. In addition, we need to collect non-perishable food such as vegetables, pasta, rice, canned goods, tuna, water, milk, oil ... Some ideas for cleaning products and toiletries can be brooms, mops, garbage bags, bleach, toilet paper, shampoo, soap, toothpaste ...

You have until December 15th to donate whatever you can, in the meantime we’ll be getting everything ready to deliver to the different NGOs with which we collaborate such as Can Gaza, Asociación de Antiguos Solidarios de Montesión, and Zaqueo Association.

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  • Operation Kilo 2014
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