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Visit to Antigua Yacht Charter Show 2014

Representatives of the IPM Group, to which Marina Ibiza and STP Shipyard Palma belong, visited the island of Antigua during the week 4th to 11th December on the occasion of Antigua Charter Yacht Show. The main purpose of this visit was twofold. Firstly, to attend this prestigious show, which is much looked up to in the sector, in order to view at first hand the market situation on the other side of the Atlantic. And secondly, to greet clients and friends, since many of the boats on show that come every year are current clients of one of the Group’s facilities.

In addition to its sales-related activities, IPM Group participated in the show by sponsoring various activities arranged by Acrew in the shape of workshops, seminars and, naturally, informal dinners where captains and crew enjoyed getting to know one another’s lighter sides.

On this same trip, through the representative of one of the companies that works out of the STP site, Global Services, which has been coming to this show for years, the staff of IPM Group had a chance to meet the key people from the Show Organizer and the local Institutions involved in its running.

The Caribbean staff’s open and hospitable manner and the Balearic delegation’s empathy gave rise to a very cordial relationship which, in the words of the Balearic Group’s Managing Director, Patrick Reynés, is going to lead to further visits to the island of Antigua on the occasion of the coming years’ shows. As Reynés said to the show manager, “the experience of visiting the island while this show’s on is as interesting as it’s unmissable. Because of our shared interest in the many boats which spend the summer at our premises and the winter in the Caribbean, we felt compelled to see for ourselves what it is they’re looking for – and finding – on the other side of the Atlantic. And what we’ve discovered here is that we on the other side of the pond are really no different, because on both continents we do our best to provide the highest standard of service to encourage customers to come back time and time again”.

Antigua Charter Yacht Show was in its 53rd year, with over 100 boats spread between its mooring areas at Falmouth Harbour Marina, Antigua Yacht Club Marina and Nelson’s Dockyard, the latter being situated in the English Harbour.

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  • Visit to Antigua Yacht Charter Show 2014
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