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Honored for going green

IPM Group marinas have been awarded with EMAS for the first time by the European Commission in recognition of volunteer effort to implement a management system based on environmental criteria. This badge symbolizes the effort and commitment of Marina Port de Mallorca, Marina Palma Cuarentena and Marina Ibiza with the environment.

During the ceremony, the badges where given out by Biel Company –Counselor of Agriculture, Environment and territory- and Neus Lliteras –General Director of Natural Environment, Environmental Education and Climate Change. Representatives of the marinas who collected the badges were very satisfied with the work done to get this award. Patrick Reynes, CEO of Marina Port de Mallorca says "it is extremely satisfying to receive an extra appreciation to the management, the effort and commitment of the marina to the environment. We can share this award with our customers and employees because with our environmental policy we seek to raise awareness among users and the organization itself”. Meanwhile, Oscar Fernandez, Captain of Marina Palma Cuarentena, said that "get this kind of recognition is a motivation to continue engaging with the environment, it is a sign that we are doing it well and is the way to set an example for customers and employees” Similarly expressed Pilar Moyá, Head of Quality and Environment of Marina Ibiza, who also emphasizes that "it is good that more and more companies adhere to this kind of awards, it means that there is a higher degree of awareness about the environment. Getting this award for the continued efforts of environmental care is an incentive for other companies to also get involved and take action to protect our environment”.

The management and environment department of each of the facilities of the Group, makes an extensive internal research that analyzes and evaluates data regarding the consumption of electricity, fuel, paper, water, air emissions, waste, and its impact on the environment. From these data, goals are set to decrease consumption and the results are evaluated looking continuously to improve the environmental sustainability of organizations.

With this distinction, IPM Group, through Marina Ibiza, Marina Port de Mallorca and Marina Palma Cuarentena, once again demonstrates its effective environmental control system. Also, each of the marinas share the best environmental practices with its followers in social media Facebook and Twitter, which you can visit in the following links:

Marina Port de Mallorca:

Marina Palma Cuarentena:

Marina Ibiza:

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  • Honored for going green
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