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Marina Port de Mallorca brings a nostalgic touch to the Palma Boat Show with a 1941 llaut

Marina Port de Mallorca has exhibited its llaut "Jaime" since last April 30, day that began the Palma Boat Show. Its presence is due to the request of Amics del Museum Marítim de Mallorca to have “Jaime” present at this event. During these five days, the llaut has become one of the stars of the boat show and many were the curious who have come to see him.

With a long history, his adventures at sea began in 1941. It was built by Mestre d'Aixa Guiem Amengual of Molinar. At that time data weren’t very accurate, and it only appared the year of construction, this is why for some time remained the hypothesis that “Jaime” would have been built by Mestre d'Aixa Antonio Esterlich of Porto Colom.

With a length of 5.20 metres and 1.90 metres of beam, it entered in the fishing fleet service in 1943. Back then, the Llaut was valued in 1.500 pesetas: 1.100 pesetas for the hull and 400 for the motor.

Until 2007 it was used for inshore fishing, and after passing through several owners was acquired by Marina Port de Mallorca in order to save it from breaking, as it became a drop in the fishing fleet census.

In 2008, Marina Port de Mallorca took over the llaut covering the costs of its total restoration consisted of superstructure repair, caulking, painting, repairing the deck, boom, antenna, the engine was changed and also the mast was adapted to sail with lateen sail. It currently serves as a sample of maritime heritage and education for schoolchildren and customers in the various events held at the marina. All those who are interested in seeing it, may approach to Marina Port de Mallorca.

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  • Marina Port de Mallorca brings a nostalgic touch to the Palma Boat Show with a 1941 llaut
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