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Marina Port de Mallorca offered a didactic and very special barbecue for clients and Friends

Marina Port de Mallorca organized a special and different barbecue for clients. With the aim to inform and raise awareness on local marine species, the marina prepared a sardine barbecue together with a wide variety of local fish sampling. Besides, experts explained the characteristics and curiosities of the species, depth they can be found, fishing techniques as well as gourmet receipes and advices on how to prepare fish.

It was an activity very well received by the almost 80 customers who participated in the event, not just by tasting some delicious sardines but for all they learned about the fishermen’s work and marine species, some of which they met for the first time.

Besides the best known fish and most usual in the Mediterranean’s best gourmet récipes, there were samples of species that are only found with a special kind of fishing such as the famous black fishes (this is the way in which fisherman call them), orange roughy, armored searobins, boarfishes, greater weever, catsharks (typical Majorcan cuisine), blackmouth catshark, crabs: white crab (large depth), spider crab and hermit crabs, rays, boga, horse mackerel.

This is an activity within the environmental program that Marina Port de Mallorca is implementing throughout the year. You can find more information on the website of the marina as well as in our social media: and  

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  • Marina Port de Mallorca offered a didactic and very special barbecue for clients and Friends
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