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Great emergency display in a fire drill at the marinas of IPM Group

Like every year, workers of Marina Port de Mallorca and Marina Palma Cuarentena have deepened their knowledge in terms of emergencies. To do this, they have dedicated a whole day to theoretical classes given by experts in the subject, which later would be implemented with exercises and a mock in both facilities.

The reception staff and the seaman team of both IPM Group marinas, have been present throughout the day which started at 9am to refresh all the elements and procedures that must be taken into account at the time a fire starts. Thus, experts have stressed that teamwork is the key to successfully get out of an emergency situation, and acting individually can worsen the situation. In addition, experts put special emphasis on practicing ways to proceed more quickly and forcefully.

At the time of practices, two types of fire extinguishers were used, as well as hoses and foam among other tools. The correct use of each of these elements is essential when acting in an emergency, but the experts highlighted the importance of maintenance to be performed periodically so that at the time of having to use them they function properly.

In the afternoon, and after an intense day, a fire drill was carried out at Marina Port de Mallorca’s facilities with the rescue of a person fallen into water. For this, the marina had the support and presence of Firefighters of Palma, Port Police, Balearic Islands Port Authority and Maritime Salvage which, with the intention of making practices, they provided a boat and personnel in a joint effort with the marina divers, to carry out the rescue.

This training is part of the company policy for security, but not only focuses on customer and boats safety, but on the security of personnel, and is therefore the continuing effort to educate and provide knowledge to workers.

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  • Great emergency display in a fire drill at the marinas of IPM Group
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