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Marina Port de Mallorca joins the protection of marine fauna

The interest and desire of Marina Port de Mallorca for caring for the environment has encouraged it to formalize a collaboration with Palma Aquarium Foundation for the Environmental Protection by signing an agreement.

This collaboration of Marina Port de Mallorca with Palma Aquarium Foundation has the aim of spreading information and educating people to make them understand the importance of maintaining the environment in good conditions.

Antonio González, President of Palma Aquarium Foundation, commented that this collaboration “it allows to reach an easier and more efficient way to all those who enjoy the environment, to know how to keep it in good conditions and the importance that this implies. We have several containers distributed in the Balearics and we want that wherever there is an organization or entity that has to do with people who enjoy the sea, give us this opportunity to reach them”.

In addition, Marina Port de Mallorca will provide its customers with a special container for collection and transfer of marine species such as sea turtles, which will be attended and recovered at the Wildlife Recovery of Palma Aquarium, a service managed by the Consortium for the recovery of Fauna of the Balearic Islands (COFIB), an agency within the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Territory. Thus, when a turtle in distress is rescued by a client of the marina, it can be transported to Palma Aquarium’s facilities in a comfortable and safe way for the animal.

Patrick Reynés, Director of Marina Port de Mallorca, states that “in addition to our devotion for the marine world, it is our duty, as a nautical Company, to collaborate with recovery projects both marine fauna and flora, so all actions in which man does damage may be amended and we can continue enjoying this paradise offered by the Balearic Islands”.

Sea turtles are an endangered species which also suffers the consequences of bycatch and entanglement or ingestion of plastic and other harmful materials, for this reason, Palma Aquarium Foundation promotes environmental education and outreach on this subject, and Marina Port de Mallorca has not hesitated to join by becoming a participant in the protection and conservation of our marine environment.

In this regard, Mr. González added that "the results are good, because we are sending animals to their environment. We try especially turtles that are already in their habitat; we find them entangled in the nets and plastic, and we often have to amputate and keep them in pond so they get used to life naturally, but with this new condition". And in order to carry out these actions, Palma Aquarium offers cars for transporting animals, specialized facilities to operate, biologists, veterinarians and volunteering.

This is another activity for the environment promoted by Marina Port de Mallorca which you can follow up in Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Marina Port de Mallorca joins the protection of marine fauna
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