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Varadero Valencia arouses interest as a job opportunity in carpentry

Varadero Valencia has organised a visit for the students of the CIPFP Catarroja who are specialising in carpentry, to show them first hand, that the nautical sector could be a very interesting job opportunity for them and that their training applies perfectly to this.

To this end, the technical staff of the shipyard organised a tour around its facilities, and in particular, a visit was made to those vessels that are currently carrying out their maintenance or repair works in carpentry such as Fruition II and Rowdy.

During the whole morning, these students were able to identify their particular strengths and discover a new range of opportunities where they can apply their knowledge in this sector, which is experiencing considerable growth at present.

From working with specialist timber for interiors , the careful treatments of the  teak on deck, and also the construction of basic elements for a boat, the specialist carpenters working in Varadero Valencia, explained to these young people which procedures are applied to specific cases of sailing and motor boats.

Varadero Valencia is aware that the demand for a specialist and skilled workforce to carry out specific works on vessels as well as competition from neighboring countries is creating a new demand for workers in this more interesting career field, and for this reason, wanted to arouse interest of local students who will potentially be the professionals of the future.

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  • Varadero Valencia arouses interest as a job opportunity in carpentry
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