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STP Shipyard Palma sets a precedent with its shipyard management model

STP Shipyard Palma welcomed the visit of a delegation from Menorca accompanied by management of the Port Authorities, whose objective was to reveal first-hand the management model of this shipyard that has already become a benchmark in the international sector.

The delegation also visited its facilities and showed great interest in the environmental and work-safety measures implemented across the shipyard.

José María Campuzano, CEO at STP Shipyard Palma and Joan Rosselló, General Manager of the shipyard, led the visit, organised by the APB, which included Conxa Juanola, Mayor of Mahón; Lluís Camps, Mayor of Castell; Iago Negueruela, Minister for Work, Trade and Industry; Susana Mora, Consell Insular de Menorca’s Minister for Territory Planning and Tourism; Justo Saura, President of ASMEN; José María Cardona, Director of the Centre de la Mar; Jaume Obrador and Miquel Camps, President and Director of GOB, the nature conservation group, who were accompanied by Joan Gual de Torrella, President of the Balearic Port Authority and its Director, Juan Carlos Plaza.

During the extensive tour of the entire dry dock, the visitors were able to see for themselves the intensive work currently taking place at STP. Campuzano showed them each area of the facilities, including the fuel station, dry dock pits, selective recycling points and the dry dock itself, which is occupied by boats being repaired and large craft undergoing refits.

During the visit, Campuzano was keen to highlight the “open shipyard” management model practised by STP. This feature ensures that clients receive quality and efficiency in every service, as it makes the more than 450 companies registered to work within the facilities compete amongst themselves to deliver their best. “The captains and boat owners are highly appreciative of this feature, as it enables them to control costs and the timing of the refits.”

Meanwhile, Joan Rosselló commented that STP is increasingly more in demand, and that this “makes it very difficult to organise the daily scheduling of the dry dock, as at times the boats unexpectedly extend their stay and there are incoming craft that you need to put on hold until the boat that is occupying their space leaves. We always try to do our best though, leaving no-one without a place.”

One noteworthy aspect picked up on during the visit was the environmental measures that are applied in the shipyard, such as the special protective canopies that have to cover boats when jobs such as painting or sanding are being done, which are flame-retardant and fitted with extractors.

Of similar interest to the group was the presence on site of a fire engine owned by STP. It was brought directly from Germany, and after a few modifications it now provides immediate response in the event of fire. “It is extremely useful having it here as it means we don’t have to wait for the fire service to arrive, but instead we can get on with tackling the incident, preventing the fire from spreading. Once the firemen arrive we hand over to them,” explained Rosselló.

In the words of Joan Gual de Torrella, President of the APB, this open shipyard model that STP employs is that which they are wanting to put into practice in Menorca, where any companies that the clients want to hire can enter the marina. This formula permits several boats to the serviced at the same time, and it is a participative model in which existing companies have a space to work in conditions that ensure work safety and environmental protection standards without the need for major investment.

Throughout the year, STP Shipyard Palma receives numerous visits from many parts of Spain and other countries, including companies that carry out refits and maintenance in the USA, making this a point of international reference and a model of success in shipyard management.

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  • STP Shipyard Palma sets a precedent with its shipyard management model
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