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Marina Ibiza joins the Carbon Footprint Registry and exposes its proposals to reduce it

Marina Ibiza, recognized as highly committed to caring for the environment of the Balearic Islands, is debuting this year with another new measure that is joining its environmental protection and care program, the Carbon Footprint registry, compensation and CO2 absorption project of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

By registering in the Carbon Footprint, a company is certified as socially responsible and committed to reducing greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere due to the consumption of fuel and electricity, both in offices and in machinery and vehicles. These data on CO2 emissions, collected by the Quality Management Department of Marina Ibiza, have made it possible to define objectives and plans for reducing this atmospheric pollution, thus helping to fight climate change.

In addition, thanks to the level of demand and vocation of the Marina Ibiza team to care for the natural environment in which it is located, the port has achieved various certifications that guarantee the highest quality in its facilities not only in environmental terms but also in terms of service and risk prevention, such as the Blue Flag, EMAS and ISO 14001 and also the 5 Blue Star Marina Certification, the highest international award that a marina can achieve and no other marina in the Mediterranean has.

But the marina is not satisfied with these internal implementation measures. One of its main objectives is to make its clients and workers aware of the protection of the precious paradise that are the Pitiusas islands and for this reason the marina ensures that each of its clients receives information on sustainable practices, proper management of energy and water resources, good navigation and protection of the Posidonia habits, declared World Heritage by Unesco. In this line, it offers active advice to anyone interested in learning more about environmental care and how to proceed while sailing on the island.

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  • Marina Ibiza joins the Carbon Footprint Registry and exposes its proposals to reduce it
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